Covid-19 Tests, Hospitalizations, and Deaths for MA

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Transmission Rate

0.91470: At this rate, the virus will stop spreading.

Daily new cases per 100,000 people (seven day moving average)

< 1
1 - 9.9
* 21.2 *
> 25

Trends Based on Seven Day Averages

Total Tested 6.7%
Tested Positive 14.9%
Percent Positive 15.8%
Hospitalized 10.8%
In ICU 14.2%
On Ventilator 18.3%
Deaths 0.3%

Coronavirus Statistics Per State in the United States

These line graphs use the data from the Covid Tracking Project to show how testing, hospitalization, and morbidity data change over time per state.

The numbers uses are absolute numbers. This means that these line graphs are best used to see how any state is doing in comparison to the state's historical data rather than in comparison to other states.

What the Data Mean:

  • * Trends Based on Seven Day Averages: These numbers are calculated by finding the difference between the current seven day average and the seven day average seven days prior, dividing that number by the seven day average seven days prior, then multiplying by 100 to get the percentage increase or decrease. This process minimizes noise in the data commonly cause by reporting inconsistencies and identifies legitimate trends.
  • ** "States" include territories: District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Northern Mariana Islands.
  • Total Tested: Total test results provided by the state.
  • Tested Positive: Total number of people who have tested positive for COVID-19 on this day. This number is strongly influenced by the total tested. An increase in positive tests may be do partly or mostly to increased testing.
  • Percent Positive: Total positive divided by total tested, times 100. This number can be strongly influenced by who the state tests. For example, if the state is primarily testing people who are reporting symptoms, the percent positive is likely to be significantly higher than a state that tests people at random.
  • Hospitalized: Number of people in hospital for COVID-19 on this day. Check with your state to see what this means. For example, NC reports that their number represents the number of people currently in the hospital with COVID-19, not because of COVID-19.
  • In ICU: Total number of people in the ICU for COVID-19 on this day.
  • On Ventilator: Number of people using a ventilator for COVID-19 on this day.
  • Deaths: Total number of people who have died as a result of COVID-19 on this day.
  • Transmission Rate: These are up-to-date values for Rt, a key measure of how fast the virus is growing. It’s the average number of people who become infected by an infectious person. If Rt is above 1.0, the virus will continue to spread. When Rt is below 1.0, the virus will stop spreading. This data is provided from


  • Some states do not report certain data or did not start reporting the data until recently. This is evident in that the numbers are either all zero or zero prior to a certain date.
  • You can click on the data headers to remove them from the chart:

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