Written by Bo Bennett and Ryan Levesque

Squat! is a new sitcom concept that takes place in a mid-sized fitness center in the Boston suburbs. The show follows Scott Carter, a former big shot marketing executive who has been “sans job” for over a year, who takes a job at Squat Spot Fitness out of desperation. Scott quickly discovers that the place is run by an ethically-questionable owner who doesn’t care about running a fitness center and an endearing but largely incompetent general manager who doesn’t know squat about running a fitness center. Scott, with the help of a freakishly wise janitor and a bright fitness director, manage to keep the gym open for at least a bit longer.

Squat! has an interesting cast of characters who embody many of the social and political issues of the day. Rather than address these issues directly, the issues are hidden within seemingly petty arguments among the staff. It will be a game for the viewers to figure out the issue being addressed each episode.

Another running theme is when Jack Pemberton, the lottery winner who bought the gym, gives Scott a dubious task. We see if Scott can do the task in his own way without compromising his ethics.

Squat!’s setting makes it ideal for a large cast of hilarious recurring characters/fitness center members and guests, from the 1980’s guy with the overly-revealing shorts to the mom who is often seen in the background doing some strange-ass exercise.

Squat! will make people laugh, fall in love with the characters, and perhaps even learn a lesson or two about creatively, respect for others, understanding, and ethics.

We are currently soliciting this script. If interested, contact Bo.

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