About Archieboy Holdings, LLC

Archieboy Holdings, LLC was formed in 2001 by Bo Bennett as a holding company for several web properties. Today, the focus is on partnering with individuals with marketable ideas for web-based applications and providing top-notch consulting services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and run profitable web applications by partnering with individuals who are willing to invest time, energy, and expertise into the venture.

Our Goals

Our joint-venture goal is to create assets that will yield high returns in capital (time and money) for all parties involved. Our consulting goal is to use our Internet business-building experience to help others succeed as we have.

Our Vision

We are a small team of innovators who do things differently. We get things done and move quickly. We have been creating web apps for over two decades and do it extremely well.

What Archieboy Can Offer

Whether you are a consulting client or a joint-venture partner of ours, you can tap in to our experience and unparalleled talent. Here are some of the ways Archieboy can help your idea succeed.

Business Strategy

Having someone to brainstorm with that has experience in business can be an invaluable resource. We bring decades of business experience of both successes and failures, as well as an unbiased perspective on the business.

Graphic Design

Archieboy began as a graphic design firm, and we continue to design for websites and books to this day. Perception is important, and a poor / low-quality design of any material representing an organization can be disastrous.


We will not use the phrase “think outside the box” because those who use that hackneyed phrase now are ironically, not “thinking outside the box.” We will say that we have come up with many ideas that were “not mainstream.” Some of them did not work, but those that did were highly successful.

Intranet / Operations

We have developed a web-based infrastructure that is customizable to virtually any organization. At its core, it is a both a CRM and project management system. With this tool, one can run a very profitable business with minimal effort and time.


Dr. Bennett loves people, and as a social psychologist, he knows people and what motivates them. He can lead a team, groups, or an organization.

Public Relations

We can represent the organization in interviews, podcasts, television appearances, trade shows, or any public speaking setting. All the team members are trained in and have decades of experience in public speaking. Dr. Bennett was even a professional “motivational speaker” many years back.

Server Architecture and Management

We are intimately familiar with running and managing servers on UNIX platforms. Over the last decade, we have been using Amazon’s servers for our own infrastructure. We have written many scripts to monitor and prevent hacking and system abuse. We run and manage mail servers, as well.

Website/App Development

Professionally, Dr. Bennett is also a programmer as well as a graphic designer, proficient in Perl, Javascript/CSS, JQuery, Progressive Web Apps, and HTML5. This combination works very well for web-based solutions and next-gen mobile apps. We use the infrastructure of Bootstrap to create mobile-ready websites with attractive user interfaces.

Applied Psychology

As a social psychologist, Dr. Bennett specializes in human behavior, specifically, how people interact with web-based environments and how to "nudge" them in the right direction.

Our Web Applications / Properties

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Web hosting for Authors


Publishing Services

Bo Bennett, PhD

Author Website


Online Course Platform


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Toastmasters' Club Webhosting Platform

Audiobook Production

Audiobook Production and Distribution

VR360 Tours

Virtual Reality Tour Hosting

Toastmasters Podcast

Podcast of Toastmasters Intl.

Logically Fallacious

Logical Fallacy Resource

Online Courses

Taught by Dr. Bennett


Capture More Leads. Drive Sales. Save Time.


We have a small, but efficient and effective team with over a half-century combined web development experience. For Dr. Bennett's complete bio, visit his personal author website.

Bo Bennett, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Levesque

Marketing / Development Strategist

Brian McDonald

Technical Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Archieboy Holdings has been incorporated in the state of Massachusetts since 2001.
Internally, we have a detailed and complex "checklist" that helps us decide which projects we take or not. We don't make these criteria public and we don't always stick to them. Some general guidelines we follow: a) we must have confidence in the partner and see that they are passionate about their idea, b) the idea must be within our areas of expertise, and there must be a market for it, and c) the idea must be something we create as a web property or progressive web application.
Dr. Bennett, our founder, created and sold one of the first web-hosting companies for 20 million dollars. He bought and sold one of Boston's largest datacenters, saving the company from bankruptcy and making a profit, and currently runs a very successful online publishing company. For a full list of accomplishments and successes, see Dr. Bennett's bio.

Contact Us

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365 Boston Post Road, #311, Sudbury, MA 01776

Phone Number

+1 978-440-8364


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