A Mostly Magnificent Memoir

Genre: Comedic Family Drama

It's FORREST GUMP meets THE WONDER YEARS - but mostly true.

James isn't lying about the magic beanstalk...

...growing out back. Or the monkey in their tree - in New England. Like his father, James has quite the imagination but those stories are true. At a point of reflection, James relives an unbelievable childhood - dysfunctional and hilarious - growing up in 1980's small town America.

The Wonder Years if the parents were Tarantino characters, in all their domestic bliss...abusive language, alcohol, a dollop of comedy, and a dash of violence - just without the murder. Not that his parent's don't want to kill each other. 

James' misadventures feature everything from swindling friends' out of valuable baseball cards to run-ins with bullies and kids in Connecticut "gangs", from awkward romantic heartbreak to family party fiascos, from sophisticated pranks that build up to a court appearance and community service to a death defying "rafting" incident.

But he can't dodge disaster forever.

If you are interested, I'd be happy to send you the script.


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