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Archieboy Web Properties

These are separate for-profit business entities owned and/or managed by Archieboy Holdings. Although we are not actively selling any of these properties, all serious offers will be considered.


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We have been providing authors and small presses with ebook publishing services since 2010. We offer ebook publishing (creation, formatting, distribution), book/author promotion, print on demand services, audiobook creation, author websites, and even online courses designed to help authors make their books a best-seller.

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VirversitY is both an online learning platform as well our generic course website. At VirversitY.com, you will find a wide selection of courses to enroll in as a student, and it is also the place to register virtually any kind of course. We also have many partner websites that use the VirversitY online learning platform but operate under a different brand. These partner websites each specialize in a certain market.

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Your Web Empire

A web empire is a collection of websites created by an individual or single organization. YourWebEmpire.com provides entrepreneurs and web content creators a single platform to quickly and efficiently create unlimited multiple websites, and manage them with ease.

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  Hosting Small Biz

We understand that you have a business to run and that your time is best spent on your business, not on overcoming website learning curves. Our system is simple and easy for small businesses, yet at the same time, powerful in terms of what it can do for your business.

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  Free Toast Host

FreeToastHost is a webhost specifically for Toastmasters clubs and districts anywhere in the world. Each website comes with easy-to-use web-based software ideal for any Toastmasters club. Providing your club is listed on Toastmasters.org, there is no-cost for this service!

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HostingAuthors.com was created by an author for authors, and comprises the set of web tools needed for any author to most effectively market their books and promote themselves on the Internet.


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With Books To Courses, learners can enjoy a deeper experience that allows them to better understand and remember what they’ve read in books. A book isn’t only a book at Books to Courses; it’s also an experience.

Authors are able to convert their books into online courses using our platform and maximize the depth and comprehension of their information. Books To Courses helps authors to share their content with more people while providing an additional revenue stream.


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If you spent your life assuming "God" was the answer to all of life's biggest questions, but can no longer believe, you might have many questions that begin with the phrase, "If there is no God..." If there is no God, how did we get here? If there is no God, what's the point of life? If there is no God, where does our morality come from"? If there is no God, won't the world collapse in anarchy with murdering, coveting thy neighbor's wife, and eating shellfish? These are just some of the common questions to which there are good answers. These courses will help you build a strong foundational secular worldview based in science and reason.




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