I do reserve a portion of my time for consulting, programming, and public speaking. I am selective about which projects I can take on, and I won't accept a project unless I am confident that I am a good fit for the project. Contact me if you are interested in any of the following services and I would be happy to discuss your needs.


I have been creating, buying, and selling business for over 30 years. My background in psychology combined with my business and programming experience offers me a unique perspective that has served me well over the years. Here is just a brief list of my areas of expertise where I can help:

  • Internet-based projects
  • Personal / professional branding
  • Online learning
  • Anything related to critical thinking / reasoning
  • Projects related to the book business
  • Social psychology and marketing


I have been programming on the web since 1995. I have written over a million lines of code and have extensive libraries that I use for all my projects, making it possible to make significant progress in a very little time. In addition, I am a graphic designer and a user interface expert—so I can handle all aspects of web-development project.

Public Speaking

My public speaking details can be found on my personal page.