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Archieboy Web Properties.

Some of the following web properties are for sale, and serious inquiries will be entertained.

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Books To Courses

We bring authors and learners together by providing a unique online learning platform designed and created by a professor who specializes in online learning.

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Your Web Empire

A web empire is a collection of websites created by an individual or single organization. YourWebEmpire.com provides entrepreneurs and web content creators a single platform to quickly and efficiently create unlimited multiple websites, and manage them with ease. Our platform gets you started with three of the key components any successful website: design, functionality, and user-friendliness (all tools are fully mobile compatible!) You bring the ideas and the content. If you need help with customizing a template or creating a graphic, we can help. Think big. Don't just create a couple websites; create a web empire!

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In 2011, eBooKit.com was created as a company to be run and managed by Archieboy Holdings.  eBookIt.com is a business that works with authors and publishers to format and convert books into eBooks, and distribute them to all the major ebook retailers including Amazon, Apple, B&N, Google, Ingram, Baker and Taylor, and Kobo.  eBookIt.com currently distributes over 3000 titles and works with thousands of authors and small presses.

The magic of eBookIt.com is in the back end administrative interfaces and programming that automates an otherwise time-consuming process of distribution.  The business model uses independent contractors who do the manual conversions from home and get paid on a per book basis.  The automation and popularity of self-publishing makes eBookIt.com a cash cow.

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Professional Webhosting for Your Small Business. We understand that you have a business to run and that your time is best spent on your business, not on overcoming website learning curves. Our system is simple and easy for small businesses, yet at the sime time, powerful in terms of what it can do for your business.

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Website Hosting for Both Real-World and Online Groups. Groups have special needs when it comes to website hosting. Each member's experience is both important and unique. To feel part of the group, they require interaction with their website and a sense of ownership. Groops.com offers groups this kind of member experience though tools designed with member interaction in mind.

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HostingAuthors.com was created by an author for authors, and comprises the set of web tools needed for any author to most effectively market their books and promote themselves on the Internet.

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SecularHost.com was created as a way for people in the secular movement to work with a hosting company that is aware of specific needs dealing with podcasting, accepting donations, high-traffic due to media exposure, all while giving back to the secular community. 10% of all revenues go to Foundation Beyond Belief each month.

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Three Good Things a Day

Research has demonstrated that one of the best ways to experience positive emotion and increase well-being is by writing down three good things that happen every day (P, Steen, Park, & Peterson, 2005). This is a free web-based tool that enhances this standard exercise by adding photos for a more powerful impact. Sign up for your free account, and begin to feel your well-being improve as you enter three good things in your life every day.

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Your Deam Collage

The dream collage is your own personal collection of photographs, magazine clippings or other images that visually define your idea of success. It is made up of images that really move you and ignite the desire within you.

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Your Task Tool

The Task Tool is the ideal tool for managing your long-term and short-term goals. Anything from daily tasks (e.g., take out the garbage, go to the store, exercise) to major life goals (e.g. write a book, launch your own business, lose 30 pounds, etc.).

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Public Speaking Gurus

This is a community of public speakers who both ask and answer questions. This community is made up of both novices and professionals alike.

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So You Think You Can Podcast

Welcome to So You Think You Can Podcast! This is the place to ask and answer questions about the art, science, and business of podcasting.


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