• iGrOOps

    Sold in September 2012

    iGrOOps is a online groups platform that was sold to AdScapers, LLC.

  • DoWellWebTools.com

    Launch: January 1, 2015

    The tools offered at DoWellWebTools.com add functionality to any website used by a business or professional.

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Let's talk about your ideas. Sign up for a complimentary 15 minute consultation and brainstorm with Bo about your marketing goals.  If you are planning a new Internet business, let's discuss your idea for a web property, market feasibility, technical aspects, user experience, and any other aspect of the project.

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Marketing Consulting

Bo has over 20 year experience in marketing multi-million-dollar companies and organizations.  With strong connections to both the business and academic worlds, Bo integrates the findings of psychology into marketing strategies, producing not just effective, but extremely impressive results.

Web Properties

A web property can be an online for-profit business, an online non-profit organization, an Internet-based tool that serves a particular function, a company intranet, a web-based platform, or virtually anything having do with communication over the Internet.

Creating Web Properties:
On Spec

At Archieboy, we create web properties that we believe have enormous potential for success, seek qualified entrepreneurs to take ownership of the properties, and offer the new owners various levels of continued support.

Creating Web Properties:

We work closely with individuals and organizations on creating custom web properties that are inextricably linked to business plans, incorporate some of the highest level programming available, and integrate psychological principles that lead to seamless interactions between machine and human.

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  •  "I have been doing what I love doing best since 1995—building businesses. You can trust me to help market, design, build, and/or launch your business."

    — Bo Bennett, PhD