About Bo Bennett


Robert "Bo" Bennett started "Adgrafix", a graphic design firm, right after graduating Bryant University in 1994, with a bachelor's degree in marketing.  In 1995, he sold the graphic design business but kept the name for his webhosting company.  As a self-taught programmer, Bo created one of the first (perhaps the first) affiliate systems and web-based webhosting interfaces in 1996.  He built Adgrafix to a 5 million dollar revenue a year business, then sold to Allegiance Telecom in 2001.

One day later, he started Archieboy Holdings, LLC as a holding company for many different web properties, some of which have become their own entities, and sold to new owners, and others which he is still running today.  One of the past sales include Boston Datacenters -- the distressed datacenter in Charlestown, MA purchased by Bo from former HarvardNet founder.  He took the company from losing tens of thousands of dollars per month to profitability in less than a year.  In two years time, he sold the property to Hosted Solutions.  Today, the property is owned by Windstream and it remains one of the premier datacenters in New England.

Bo is currently the founder and CEO of eBookIt.com, a company that formats and distributes eBooks, print on demand, and digital audio books, as well as president of Archieboy Holdings, the holding company for various entities.

Success / Motivation.

By age 10, Robert "Bo" Bennett started listening to and reading personal development tapes and books.  Over the years he has developed a unique approach to success that differs quite a bit from the over-hyped success guru's approaches commonly seen today.  Before beginning his lifelong quest to shape the lives of others, he had to prove to himself that his theories, beliefs and convictions worked.

At age 10, Bo started in business by creating and selling wooden key racks in his father's workshop. Since then, he has started several companies and sold them anywhere from $1 to $20,000,000.00.

After selling his first company of significant value, Bo began writing Year To Success, the most comprehensive book ever written on success, based on his experiences, thoughts, and timeless success principles. Year to Success is a book Donald Trump calls, “an inspiration to every person who reads it.”

At age 13, Bo started studying the martial arts. By Age 18, he earned his first degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate. Since his first black belt, he has also earned a second degree black belt in Tae-Kwon Do and continues to study several different styles, as well as teach.

Religion, Philosophy and Science.

Bo's spiritual/intellectual journey began as a result of a lifetime of unanswered questions. Bo devoted countless hours to studying religion — Christianity in particular, which included reading the entire Bible cover to cover (New International Version).  He has listened to over 1000 hours of religious debate, read many books written by both atheists and Christians, and completed dozens of courses from world’s leading universities on Christianity, Catholicism, Theology, Biblical Studies, Argumentation, Historical Jesus, Cosmology, Biology, Evolution, Quantum and Particle Physics, Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, and even Apologetics.

Today, from a nontheist perspective, Bo is very active at promoting reason, rationality, and critical thinking to people of all religions and philosophies.  He is the administrator of the DebateGod.org as well as critical thinking page on Facebook.

Bo is the author of The Concept, a book that cleverly examines religion and the nature of God, as well as the author of Logically Fallacious, the largest known published collection of logical fallacies.

Toastmasters / Public Speaking.

Bo joined Toastmasters in 2003, after a painfully embarrassing speech given to a room full of his contractors.  Desperate to improve his speaking skills is the least time possible, he devoted full-time to being a Toastmaster, and completed all 40 speeches in a record 6 months.  He served the required leadership roles to achieve his Distinguished Toastmaster Award (DTM) in record time of just over one year.

In 2004, Bo created the FreeToastHost website hosting platform for all Toastmasters clubs.  Today, FreeToastHost hosts over 10,000 clubs -- around the world.

In 2008, Bo started the Toastmasters Podcast, which began as a district podcast, then in 2010 transferred ownership to Toastmasters International, to become the organizations first official podcast.  Today, Bo, with his friend and business partner, Ryan Levesque, continue to host the podcast that serves as the voice to over a quarter of a million members worldwide.


Bo is passionate about comedy.  He had a stand up act for a while before he realized—the hard way—that stand up comedy was not his forte.  Today, Bo adds a little comedy in everything he does from creating commercial or musical parodies, writing books, and even managing to get away with adding a touch of humor when writing scientific papers.

Personal Life / Education.

Bo was born in Connecticut where he lived until he was 21.  He attended Bryant University where he paid his own way through by running a promotional business while also serving as a Resident Assistant. 

Right after graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Bo moved to Boulder, Colorado where after just five months, realized the "Rocky Mountain High" wasn't for him.  Missing his family, he moved back to Connecticut.

In 1994, Bo met his wife-to-be, Kim, at the bar "Archie Moore's" -- which is where they got the name for their first dog, Archie, which is where he got the name for his business.  Bo and Kim moved to Boston, Massachusetts shortly after they met, got married, and been living in the Boston area happily ever since, with their new dog, and two children.

Bo received his Master's degree in general psychology, and is currently a PhD Candidate in social psychology.

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